Cup of coffee

Do you drink coffee black?

I tend to like to drink my coffee black. I tried adding milk for a while. The milk would take some of the "spiky" character out of the coffee and make the taste a bit more round. It also seems to be kinder to the stomach, although i tend to drink faster with milk added.

One added benefit I hear some people say is that the coffee cools down a bit when adding milk. That's true and you can start drinking almost straight away after pouring it. Compare that to the regular straight black variant, which takes some time to cool down, one can see the advantage of adding milk.

Coffee is a drink of habit. Since it contains caffeine it can become addictive, but I haven't been hooked yet. I drink about four mugs a day. I try to limit the intake, the habit otherwise becomes mindless. You drink just for the sake of it. I want to drink coffee because I enjoy it right there in the moment. Not as a habitual knee-jerk reaction.

Anyway, that's the coffee rant for the day! =)