Welcome to this first post!

How about now? That is the question. I have been trying out a few different ideas for this website/blog. For a while I just used a regular text editor and typed all the HTML manually. That was a fun excercise for about two hours.

I started looking into "static site generators". Huh? That sounds complicated and not very user-friendly. "Well, are you a noob or a web developer?" someone asked. Well, no one asked that question, but it popped into my mind. I have to take a stand on that.

So what do I want to get out of all this? Well, for one I would like a simple blog where I can just type stuff like this. Content is king (yes, hold on, it's coming!). Let's go for a static site generator! It doesn't need a fancy hardcore web server, database connections or anything. It's kind of simple, but not like typing HTML manually. I'm still noobish enough to require a graphical interface!

So after testing "Hugo", a static CMS, which was kind of quirky, I settled for Publii which is very easy to use and reminds me of Wordpress, only that it's running on your computer instead. You use it kind of like a word processor and then upload the website files to the web server.

I have customized the theme a bit with different colors, fonts and stuff, just to look a little more to my liking. What theme is it you ask? It's called "Simple" and is included with Publii.

So, back to basics. Keep it simple, keep it easy. That is the way forward. 

See you soon!